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The Product We Provide.

We are an imaginative, forwarding thinking IRC Shell Service provider. We market our services successfully for over 10 years now already as a previously known company – Trustnetwork24.  Our secret to success is one little aspect of our work – From the first concept of an idea, through to the ongoing support and enhancement of your business we work with you at every step.


They Are All Designed To Meet Your IRC Needs.

Have you even wondered, how users on IRC leaves their nicks/idlers for ages without getting any single disconnection time? It’s because of the high-quality shells they use. That is what we provide in the uppermost professional manner.

IRC Unix Shells

High Quality Dedicated servers are the core of the high-quality Unix IRC Shells we provide. You will never be disappointed.


The fastest internet connections ensure that you always stay ahead of the time and have 24/7/365 connectivity with 100% uptime.

Modern Technology

Modern technologies are the key. That’s what we provide with the new up to date modern servers that our shells are hosted on.

Professional Support

Apart from the professional services we can offer, we are proud of our professional support team, who are always eager to help you with any issue you have.

What Our Customers Have To Say.

“These shells I bought from NetShells are amazing. The quality of the servers they are hosted are just superb.”

Roger Davis

“The support team at NetShells are very helpful. You literally get every service tailored to your needs in a minutes manner.”

John Best

“The best shell service out there from the perspective of quality servers and 100% uptime. I never had any issues with this.”

Zoe White

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